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DEVELOPMENT STAGE 01. Considering selling or developing your land? We can help! 

You may have a sizeable garden, own land that could be consolidated with neighbours, own commercial buildings or a stretch of land in close proximity to other settlements, or have a site with a planning record, there are lots of options open to you – and our land experts can help you make the most of your asset(s). 
To maximise the value and secure the best returns, this can be typically achieved through gaining planning permission to develop on land. To obtain planning permission can be challenging and time consuming and often requires experience and technical knowledge. We are here to help and advise. 
If you’re selling land, you’re in a great position. You can choose the course of action that is most suited to you; we can support you with how to submit an application for planning yourself, or alternatively, we could steer you through the process of selling to a developer or a house builder. 
Of course there are further profitable options, and we can help evaluate the best one to suit your needs and aspirations. We work with house builders, planning consultants, architects and developers across the UK, so you can be assured we will help you achieve the very best price in regard to your timescales. 
We are happy to have a conversation. At any stage of planning, whether refused, submitted, or granted. Let's have that conversation. 

DEVELOPMENT STAGE 02. Have you applied for planning consent, but not sure of what to do next? 

You have submitted an application.There can be an anxious wait of several months. 
But as long as you engaged with the local authority in a positive and constructive way, hopefully taking pre-application advice from the local planning officer, together with employing the right architects and planning consultants, you should be on the right track. When thinking about the next stages of your plans, our innovative thinking and local contacts can help you secure the value of your asset sooner than perhaps you might have realised at the outset. 
We can provide development consultancy guidance, which will include pricing and market research, in readiness for when your planning application is approved. Furthermore, you may want to consider whether you develop the site yourself or sell the land on. 
Please take note that many house builders will work in partnership with landowners to ensure that a successful planning application will appeal to both a house builder or end user. 
Have a confidential discussion with us, no obligation, and discover and explore the various options to you. 

DEVELOPMENT STAGE 03. Planning application been refused? Let us help! 

If your planning application has been refused, don't worry, it is not the end of the journey; quite often it is just the start. We can assist you to pursue a new direction. 
There are a few potential routes to go. Firstly, you could submit a planning appeal, or take some time to consider and understand the reasons for the refusal. In most cases, a planning decision refusal notification will provide guidance to overcome the problematic issues. And when these have been dealt with constructively, a subsequent application will have a much better chance to succeed. 
It is a fact that a high percentage of planning applications are refused the first time. But do not be disheartened and give up. We can help you and review your plans, and as an alternative approach assist in finding a buyer who will take on the work of securing planning consent themselves. Another approach could be working in collaboration with a potential buyer on the understanding that, following planning application approval, they’ll proceed with the purchase. 
The essential message here is not to give up. We can provide all the answers and support you need, and it can all start with a conversation. Give us a call today. 

DEVELOPMENT STAGE 04. Planning application granted? What are the next steps? 

First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! Your resolve has paid off and now is the ideal time to review all the options open to you. 
You have an asset or assets which are highly valuable and attractive to house builders and developers alike, who in reality don’t have the time nor resources to speculate on land purchase on a ‘subject to planning’ basis. At this moment, you may well be wondering whether to build the approved scheme yourself or sell-on the site. 
We recommend arranging for an up-to-date land valuation taking into account the recent planning consent, together with an appraisal on the value of the 'new builds' in order to understand the total development valuation. 
You will have a choice to take the cash out now without undertaking any construction work or progress onto a building project. Through this decision making process, we can guide you before any big decisions are made. And if you want to explore selling the land, we have the contacts who will offer competitive rates and assist in this process. 

DEVELOPMENT STAGE 05. Market-ready? Let's talk.  

As an established estate agency business of over 10 years, we have an enviable reputation in the local area. In the land and new homes market we have a clear understanding of the needs of house builders and landowners, and we can offer  
property consultation services that support growth. 
You will realise that we excel in delivering solutions for all parties concerned to ensure the successful launch of a development and that we have the expertise, experience and commitment to support and facilitate a project for its duration through our associated business, Land & New Homes Network. This will allow you to access a network of 300 leading estate agencies across the country. 
With our extensive background in managing site sales operations for our clients, you can count on our network of outstanding agents across the UK to be professional and work with your best interests in mind. 
In addition, we’ve worked alongside UK’s leading house builders and understand the finer points of working with premium developers; a comprehensive approach in a sales and lettings context can promote returns in the short and long term. With our network, you can achieve unequalled visibility for the development within a considerable catchment area, as well as throughout our UK network of exclusive estate agents. 
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